Facebook sharing pulls up incorrectly cached information, and cannot be rescraped

(Jasonwebb) #1

I uploaded my model to make sure it works in the 3D viewer, then updated the title and description afterwards. Next, I clicked the "Share" button and attempted to share on my FB timeline, but the image shown is a gray placeholder and the model's original title, with no description given.

I went to Facebook's URL Debugger and tried to rescrape the page to recache what is displayed, but the URL (both the shortened one provided and the long one of the model page) throws an error, stating that it cannot be scraped because it has it's Open Graph type (og:type) declared as "geometry", which is not recognized.

So I'm with having to share an odd link on my FB timeline rather than a nice descriptive one of my model.

Is there anything I can do?

(Pierre-Antoine) #2


Thanks for the report. We'll look into the issue and we'll keep you posted.