Facehugger Autopsy scene

(Marchermitte) #1

Hello everyone!
I'm trying to recreate the medical room with the dead facehugger on the light table ready for the autopsy.
Using Modo, Lightwave and some Zbrush. I'll post some wip here, I just finished the scene tonight. Still some progress to do...

(Digitalninja) #2

Thats really nicely done, im hoping to do some baked in lighting as well for some of the elements in my scene, but looking forward to seeing the end result on this one. :slight_smile:

(Marchermitte) #3

Thank you Ninja!
baking gives some really good results but for large areas (like the floor or walls) you need hi res textures and still, the def isn't really there if there are details (like a wooden floor texture for instance). It would be better to bake the illumination on a specific UV and add it as an emmissive map. (Like game engine do It)

(Marchermitte) #4

Is there any way to "block" the camera from going through the walls btw? (Keep It within a defined volume?)

(Mhazani) #5

Unfortunately not - this is a longstanding issue at Sketchfab... For example see Using Sketchfab for Architecture Projects

Also a more technical reply - https://forum.sketchfab.com/t/limiters-character/9915/2?u=mhazani

(Marchermitte) #6

Thank you for the links!

(Marchermitte) #7

Here is a newer version with some enhancements...

I'm wondering if there is a way to move / edit a mesh layer corresponding to a material? I'd like to adjust the facehugger organs position slightly and going back to Lightwave to re-export everything is kind of a pain...

(Andrey) #8

Wooow... Nice! :open_mouth:


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This scene is so gross, I love it! Great WIPs so far.

(Marchermitte) #10

Thank you!
Here is the latest and maybe the last version...

(Marchermitte) #11

Inspiration / references from Scott's Alien 1 images:

Here are various screens from the modeling (Modo), UVs (Modo), Sculpting and painting (Zbrush) and rigging (Lightwave):

(Ahakim) #12

Clean and beautiful, man. Love it!

(Marchermitte) #13

Thank you Ahakim!
Here is the latest version of the scene:

(Marchermitte) #14

Not sure why some of the annotations don't center the view when you click on them...

(Marchermitte) #15

BY the way, where is the final entry gallery? Can't find It ....

(Tam Lik) #16

You just click on the tag :slight_smile:

Very amazing and detailed scene (btw) I love all small additions you made! :smile:

(Marchermitte) #17

mmmh not sure where I can find that mysterious tag... I'm not a Sketchfab expert (yet)