FAILURE to Display a LEFT and RIGHT Channel Sterescopic View AT ALL

(Toeppen) #1

The 3D viewer for my computer and phone only show the same image twice. My WebGl is fully functional but I get no 3D because Sketchfab only shows one perspective, not the two different views required for stereoscopic viewing. Sketchfab should how a left and right view in the scale of our blue VR guy. This guy is in a location and his eyes should each have their own position. I see a distinct LEFT and RIGHT image in some of the videos but not on my computer or my phone. My computer is able to show two images side by side and so is my phone. It is just that they are totally useless when both images are the same subject from the same perspective it sure is not stereoscopic 3D. Maybe you had it working for someone once, but it is flat now. I have been doing Stereo photography for decades and this is not stereo. The effect of the existing system for me is that we have a flat screen that appears to be about one yard in front of my face and that is useless and frustrating. We should be able to view two different side by side images in your Sketchfab windows now with no additional software. Why does in not do that now? The position of each eye is known and yet you only show one. Why is that? WTF?

(Alexwann202) #2

Yes, the Sketchfab app failure to render stereoscope image is strangely ignored by developers as the the issue was known for a long time now but no attempt/response was ever made to fix unfortunately for all, including professional paid users.

(Toeppen) #3

Stereo-photography has been around for 160 years, stereo-videos, headsets, and computer have a been used for 3D for more than 20 years, Left and right images are required to do 3D VR at all. Some of us do not need headsets at all to see in 3D as we can just cross our eyes to see a Right/Left pair as correct stereo. I do this on my phone or monitor for the FB stereo photography sites and to see YouTube Videos… I want to see a side by side cross view stereo image on my monitor and not have the BS useless VR icon. Our 3Dcommunity has tried to use our software but we hit these scripts that make our stuff choke. Our method is to open two side by side windows of Sketchfab move over a bit in one window to separate the eyes (one eye is the in the “driver” position, and the other eye rides in the “sidecar” position), and then run both windows in concert with one control. We could even put it on a 3D TV or do it in red/cyan anaglyph once we have a pair of images. I feel that Sketchfab needs to get this done right and not pretend to have VR. That side by side image should in stereo without any additional software. If we could stop those scripts we would have it now with the web browser software available here along with other software for 3D; I wish Sketchfab would help us or get out of the way.

(Toeppen) #4

I now have access to a glasses free 3D viewer that uses a pair of 3K HDTV monitors for input. I would enjoy viewing my models in VR, but I still only get two of the same image thru Sketchfab. Apparently the Oculus has software that feeds a pair of monitors for the headset. Would that work for this or is it restricted in content? Does anyone know how to just get an interactive stereoscopic pair out of our Sketchfab models for a pair of monitors? Or do I need a stand alone viewer to view my models in full stereoscopic VR? If it is not stereo, it is not VR, unless you are blind in one eye.

(Paul Sketch) #5

We reproduced a bug on stereo rendering under certain very specific conditions (on mobile), related to the screen device pixel ratio. see Mobile VR Double Vision

high device pixel ratio seems the be the culprit, that might explain you case.
We’re investigating the bug now that we have a proper repro.
But having no access to any of those Hardware setup makes it hard.
I wonder how you set “stereo” sketchfab on your setups ? do you craft special url ?

(Toeppen) #6

If I use any of my devices to open a model and select to view it as side by side VR the images are identical for me except in how they are cropped. The eye separation should be what I set the model scale at with the blue VR man that is supposed to have a left and right eye vantage point.
I prefer viewing stereo images using no glasses at all and just like a side by side view across one or two displays. So I am running no application on my android, laptop, desktop, or workstation computers other than the browser. I have no special device software to load and don’t understand why it should be needed.
When I hit the VR icon and capture my screen, or directly view on my phone, or any of my computers the left and right images fall on the same points of the grid and foreground obscurations fall against the same background features in both images. Do an screen grab on any computer and overlay the left on the right with a 50% transparency and see but one image…;

(Toeppen) #7

The stereo image was processed using Stereo Photo Maker and various viewing options are shown in the pull down menu.

It is possible to create a cross or parallel view from two open Sketchfab windows and move over in one window to create a stereo view and capture stereoscopic views from our models one at a time. Then they are viewed like this;

or using a stereoscopic viewer where monitors now replace printed images;

We have tried to use our stereo web viewer to create a twin instance of a Sketchfab window, but we can run that thru the web viewer for crossed and anaglyph viewing, and are stumped. None of the 3D stereophotography crowd can view Sketchfab 3D models stereoscopically and wonder why we can’t.