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Fake followers?

(Ozogonkiem) #1

Hi! Recently I've published a model and suddenly lots of new people started to follow my profile. Well, that's nice. I'm not complaining. But, great part of those people have completly empty accounts, created today. And It got to my attention that part of them liked the same number of accounts.

Again, I don't want to complain on people who like my stuff :smiley:
But could it be, there's lots of bots liking my profile? Question is, what for? :open_mouth:

(Bart) #2

I've looked into your recent followers but can't find any signs of them being bots (like having a common IP address, email domain etc). Most of them have been properly verified too (we now require people to verify their email address to prevent spammers from signing up). Maybe it's just because your work was staff picked yesterday and many new members saw your work and followed you?

(Ozogonkiem) #3

That might be it. It just looked a bit suspicious to me. Thank you for the answer.