Fallout 4 style assets: Making Of

(Electrocactus) #1

Hello again! I'm back with a new project (just like promised)
After my successful Fallout 4 Radio project, I decided to do another one. This time, I have a funny story to go with it.
It was 2009, when I fist played Fallout 3 and I really loved the game and art style. At this point of my life, I was kind of a fuckup and did not know what I want to do for a living. 3D graphics was kinda in back of my mind, because of my brother, who already worked as 3d artist. Hes portfolio HERE. So, the small push, that playing Fallout 3 gave me, I decided to learn 3d. Around 2012 I kinda started to do +- decent looking models, with textures and so on.
So, obviously, I made some Fallout 3 fan art models lol :smiley:

Here they are: Retro Gas pump and simple jerrycan.

These two was one of my best models of 2012 and I kinda still like them lol.
Recently, Fallout 4 came out and I instantly had an idea, lets remake the gas pump and jerrycan scene and see, how much better I can do it and compare the 3d skills, that I had than and now. I think, in the end it will be rewarding, looking at two and see the difference.

As always, I don't want to show all of my cards, but I can post some sneak peaks.
Gaspump mesh WIP

Jerrycan WIP: Some substance painter bugs/imperfections that don't know how to fix...

Base sculpt and retopo WIP:

I'm really busy all the time, so the project can take some time, but I will post some pics here and later add short summary about workflow, just like Radio post: Here

(Bart) #2

Thanks @electrocactus! So you use Blender and Painter, correct? How's the workflow between the two of them?

(Electrocactus) #3

Yep, correct, Blender and Substance painter. All seems to be fine, however, sometimes normal angle is kinda strange and in substance painter it looks sketchy. It's blenders fault, the smooth faces tool is not that good. Also, you cannot delete mesh history in blender, but I don't know if it effects anything.

I know, that a lot of people model in blender, than export all to maya and than into Substance, but I don't have maya and it seems a bit inconvenient.

(Bart) #4

I know that Allegorithmic is working on a better integration with Blender, don't know when it's supposed to be released though..

(Electrocactus) #5

Small update:

Jerrycan is almost done. In the end, took it down to 770 polys. Perhaps a bit much for random trash prop, but than again, I'm not making an environment, so I can spoil myself with polys a bit lol
Did high poly and low poly in blender, base material texturing in substance and finished it in PS/X normal.
Feedback/comments are always welcome, so don't be afraid :))

(Electrocactus) #6


Did a lot of tests, remade the base piece like 10000 times and this is what I ended up with. Decided to add some extra detail to it, so it looks more interesting.

Screen from substance: Low poly mesh with normal map and ambient occ. Around 1k polys.

(Electrocactus) #7

Update: Base model almost done. This took me a while, had few problems in substance painter, with texture exporting.

(Electrocactus) #8

There are some mistakes made in the beginning phase: normal maps did not bake as good as I wanted and sculpt is incorrect. So it looks kinda strange. Will try to fix it.

(Electrocactus) #9

After few tutorials and reff images, I instantly know, where I f*cked up. Sharp edges, that was in sculpt, totally blends in with texture and are not visible. Also, places where concrete is damaged, needs to be darker. This will add good contrast to them.

So, I started fixing them. This is how it looks after few fixes. (still WIP)

(Oskarsdzenis) #10

You progress looks pretty impressive. Looks like You have gained some new knowladge, better eye for detail and better use of new tools. Keep up a good work.

(Electrocactus) #11

Yes, I have picked up few new things to my arsenal. :))

(Electrocactus) #12

Bump, update for base. Done with it. Will move one to Gaspump texturing. :smile:

(Damagedgrounds) #13

Looks great. How do you paint the parts giving you issues? Manually, UV projection, or Tri-Planar projection?

(Electrocactus) #14

I have dropped almost all manual labor in PS :smiley:
I unwrap every part, without tiles, scale it evenly, pack it all nice and close and throw it in substance painter. There I do all my texturing work with PRB materials. Put in base materials/colors and in the end, add extra detail in PS. Hope I answered your question? :))

(Damagedgrounds) #15

I meant how do you do it in Substance Painter. :smile:
To speed things up I first use a Fill Layer, with UV or Tri-Planar projection, for the general base look, and then manually paint details.

(Electrocactus) #16

oh, lol!

Yes, the same. I just select the material that I like, fill it up and start to add things to it. Sometimes I add some kind of plain color layer and throw a generator on it. A lot of black/white masks. Thats about it :smile:

(Electrocactus) #17

Update: I am really close with finishing the mini scene. Today did most of the work for gaspump and threw the rest assets in. So, here are some tests.

Low poly mesh, with baked normal map and AO. Few bugs, but I managed to fix them in PS.

And some screens with textures and all assets.

And some tests with skyboxes, so I know how it will look in game style environment.

There is still some work to be done. Finish texturing gaspump, adding aditional detail and mesh deformations. Will try to do it next week.

(Electrocactus) #18

Ok my friends! I buckled down and pushed myself, to finish it today!

In the end, it turned out almost as I wanted. Some parts I kinda fucked up at the beginning, but nothing mayor. I learned a lot of new stuff in substance painter and 3d modeling overall, so I'm happy about that.

As for the main goal: Remodel 2012 fallout 3 asset. I think I pulled it off really good and just in time. :smile:

This is the finish project, enjoy!

Retro Gas Pump by Kaspars Pavlovskis on Sketchfab

P.S If someone is interested in anything, feel free to ask, I will answer! :wink:

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(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #19

You can delete mesh history in Blender, simply in object mode pres ctrl+a .

(Electrocactus) #20

oh, cool. I did not know. Thanks!