Fan art of Marvel's She-Hulk!

(Hong Zhihao) #1

Hi guys, been away for a while, now am back with my new model, a fan art of She-Hulk.
She-Hulk is a property of Marvel.

Hope you like it!

She-Hulk from Marvel by HongZhihao on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #2

At first i thought thats a rule 34 thing on the hulk. But according to google she is a hero .. huh..
Well there are so many versions of her, so there is not much to judge, you got the same kinda "masculine"-female look that some of the comic covers seem to have.

The boobs seem a bit to stiff, but then again that is a comic book issue
- some of the fingernails got kinda weird boarders to the finger itself, might give her a new repaint on them (also i would cut them a bit, seems weird to have a fighter with perfect nails)
+ the hair looks amazing
somehow the left eye shadow area looks a bit weird, the right looks way cleaner.

but overall it looks great, i would love to use her as a fighter in mortal combat :smiley:

(Hong Zhihao) #3

Thanks for the detailed comments.
Thanks for taking the trouble of googling the character and taking the time and effort to inspect the fingernails :smile:
Not sure what you are seeing with the eye shadow thing though, the face is done with symmetry so it should be symmetrical. Perhaps it could be due to shadows caused by the lights.
I don't see it though.
Does it still show on your side with shader turned off?

(Dark Minaz) #4

i don't know how you did that symetrical, since its not (see matcap)
maybe the rig? did move it a bit somehow?

but as you can see in the lowest, it's smooth on the right, but kinda jagged on the left.

(Bart) #5

@dark_minaz I have to say, I'm impressed with how you deliver your critiques again and again. Well thought out, and always with enough positive notes to make it easy to 'receive'.

(Dark Minaz) #6

Thanks, i believe in the simple concept that critique, even if it's negative, can be delivered in a way to help without having to sound mean. And if you do it properly by really checking out what is good/bad, you can learn something from it. (even if you don't learn anything, whats the point of a review like "meh it's bad" or "it's good", that won't help anyone get better).

(Hong Zhihao) #7

Oh I see what you mean! Screen shots were appreciated.

The face is actually symmetrical. I made it that way so it's impossible to not be. The eye balls was also symmetrical but was a separate object also so I think in the rotating of the head,the eyeballs rotation were off resulting in the right eye being slightly off.

Thanks for catching that!

(Dark Minaz) #8

Ah, i thought it might been a 1% influence thing on some part of the rig
But i guess that makes sense too, damn eyes .. had to redo mine in my scene too since they just didn't do what they should have.

but i am happy to help