Fantasy Hanging gardens

Hello everyone!

I just finished a fantasy new model inspired by ancient hanging gardens. It’s not meant to stick to historical reality, but I tried to convey a Greco-Roman architectural feeling.
as said in the description, it ’
it was how I imagined Hanging Gardens when I was little.
You have strange ideas when you are a child …

Since I was limited by the maximum file size of 50MB, the model is less detailed than expected. I think I will make a model more complex in Blender.
Do not hesitate to comment;)

Blender 2.91 / Photoshop
some textures from
palmtree and flowers created with Tree-it

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Nice! Thanks for sharing your work :seedling::balance_scale::herb:

You may also want to join the Sketchfab Discord server to share your work with the community there :point_right:

Thanks ! :smiley:

I really need to create a Discord account.