Fast 3d-scan with GoPros of transmission lines and forest environment


(Flyckten) #1


I’m working on a project where we would like to capture an forest environment and the path of a power line, along with the power line,foundation and tower.

Did some research and seems like every guide I’ve found is against video and fisheye. Ofcourse that seems to be in the context of high quality modelling with high resolution. What we are aiming for is a “good enough” model as a discussion material and visualization aid.

We will try doing this with the GoPro Hero 5 session. I have 4 of these available and have begun thinking that maybe a rig of three of them on a pole, on pointing slighly downwards, one straight and one upwards could be a good solution for capturing alot of area in a short time. Any thoughts or experiences?

What I think is going to be the biggest challenge is capturing the acctual powerlines (long and slim and up in the air) without the acces to a drone. Maybe a camera mounted on a pole to get closer could be a good idea?

At this point I am very short of time to try different stuff out, since the photoshoot will be on monday. Nevertheless I would greatly appriciate all the tips and experiences of more experienced folks here in the community.

For processing, we will be using ContextCapture.

Will post more questions and experiences along the way.

(Nebulousflynn) #2

Hey @Flyckten - I only just saw this post. How did the shoot go?

For what it’s worth, we made this model from drone footage. The scaffold and fence were added back in post production however as they did not capture well (the video was not originally intended for photogrammetry):

I think your idea of 3 cameras mounted on a pole sounds sensible - I hope you didn’t get too close to the power lines though! :zap: