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Faster loading and panning of solid works models

(Favell) #1

I uploaded a solidworks file using the sketchfab plugin. On the second attempt it uploaded OK. The issue I have is that my model takes a lot longer to load than others examples I have seen on your site. When I pan and zoom it is very slow. I don't mind paying for the "pro" version but at the moment my models don't give a good user experience. Do I need to reduce the detail somehow ? I notice that I have a lot more "vertices" and "faces" than other models but my model dosnt look any more detailed. Thank you in anticipation of help.

(Bart) #2

Hi @favell,

could you share the URLs of the models that perform poorly?


Hi @favell,

It's performing so badly in the viewer because every single little piece is a separate geometry with its own material settings, etc. Looks like there are 1000s of separate geometries - this is very difficult for the browser to process.

Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with Solidworks and the way it organizes the object hierarchies. Ideally, there would just be one object/mesh/geometry per material/color. Is there some way for you to merge/join objects, or make sure identical materials are named the same? Sorry - every software refers to these things somewhat differently.

I came across this, maybe it's what you need: