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Fatnasy Zeppelin Project

(Phaedrus) #1

Working on another environment piece, this time I am including an exterior and interior, here are some concepts and early development screen shots. The style is a bit steam punky but I have based a lot of the machinery around WW2 parts of planes and boats.


(Phaedrus) #2

Here is the current progress throughout the last few days, modeled the basic shape of the upper floor cabin and worked on the panels. I have also started to add in air ventilation and some machinery.

(Phaedrus) #3

Heres another update to the zepp, been very busy with christmas sales at work but I had some time to get another update in this week. I finished adding the kitchen appliances and worked on some wine bottles for the storage shelves. I am working on the eating area next and plan to add some recreational objects to the scene like a darts board and deck of cards etc.