FBX Animation export issuees from maya


the flags are animated, but in the sketchfab uplaod its this wonky mess… i tried loading the fbx into maya and it animated fine in there , so im really confused,

this is actually an art test for a studio so this is really hurting me :frowning:

I’m sorry about that :frowning:

@waleguene could you take a look? :pray:

Hi @soolumy,

Really sorry about that, and for the very long delay :confused:

I had a look at your model and the issue seems to be related to shape objects that are used as bones, and also hidden from the scene.
Our FBX processing ignores non bones objects that are hidden, so skinning is loosing some of it’s elements, that explains the broken result.

Making these objects visible give a “slighly” better result, but still, NURBS deforming bones is something not well supported for now so the skinning has still some broken parts.

Replacing shapes by actual bones should fix this model (until we work on improving the FBX processing).

I hope it helps

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