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FBX/DWF Material not showing up


(Jes214) #1

Hi, I'm new to sketchfab and wanted to see if there was a way to export my revit model(which already has material attach) to show up correctly when uploading to sketchfab. Is there a step i'm missing?

(Vlad) #2



Revit models are tricky because of proprietary material libraries and not liking to play nice with other formats / software. I know some users have had success linking the model to 3ds Max and uploading from there.

(Guiguimbop) #4

Hello James. The people you talking about who sucess to export materials of a revit model, do they use the 3dsmax exporter of mr Klaasnienhuis ?
When i literally use the function “linking”, there is a error from maxscript : “runtime error : actively linked objects cannot be collapsed”.

Actually i don’t “link” it but basically import the fbx file of revit. unwrap it manually and use the 3dsmax exporter to bake and export to sketchfab. The exporter seems to works perfectly (material from revit are correctly baked during the process into image files). But the images files are not imported into sketchfab. The pbm maps /base color are white, whiteout bake. Contrary to a simple box from 3ds max which is imported with the image. Do you have any idea why thoses images are lost or not reconized ?



We actually have a Revit plug-in coming very soon! Hopefully it will be useful for you.