FBX export Maya issue!

Hay out there!

I’ve been trying to upload some basic animation from Maya 2020 but I’ve been having issues.

The current scene in Maya is set up like this:
1 Rigged character with loops animation (63 frames) and 1 geo that is just animated through rotation and keying

Within Maya, it’s working perfectly. Rigged character loops and the keyed Geo loops.

I’ve tried exporting the normal way as well as using the Game Exporter.
This is the current scene. Here have been my issues so far.

  1. First it uploaded but only the staff was animating
  2. It uploaded like it is at the moment. (Only legs and staff)
  3. There was animation in the scene but it was contained to this tiny ball of collapsed geo.

Anyone else experienced this?

I’m having the same issues, I haven’t uploaded an animation to Sketchfab before so I don’t know if I’m doing something basic wrong. I have followed this tutorial but still had no luck.

The rigged character just doesn’t move on Sketchfab, but works fine within Maya.