FBX Exporter on Maya not working


(Tezelian) #1

I followed the sketchfab video tutorial on how to download and add the sketchfab fbx convertor widget onto the Autodesk Maya shelf so I can directly export the models into sketchfab, but I can't manage to get it working and keep getting the error below every time I upload

"Try Polling Processing Status...(attempt 0)

Here is a screenshot

and the error code I am getting on my script editor

File "C:/ProgramData/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins/Maya2Sketchfab/Contents/scripts\Sketchfab_Uploader.py", line 122, in prepareAndUpload


File "C:/ProgramData/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins/Maya2Sketchfab/Contents/scripts\Sketchfab_Uploader.py", line 169, in poll_processing_status

self.ui_main.statusbar.showMessage("Upload failed with error: {}".format(result['error']))

KeyError: 'error'

emphasized text

On the actual tutorial which was for a Mac OS there was an option for the user to input the API key but this is not available for me, why?

(Daniel Di) #2

Seriously. I just spent like 4 hours trying to export with textures, and it was just a simple tick of a box..hmm


You should be able to enter your API Token in Settings

(Waleguene) #4


Thanks @tezelian for the report. You should get a clearer error message, the issue is logged on our side.
@DanielDI Yeah we agree it is not user-friendly at all, we took note of that and we will see if we can improve this or at least enable it by default for Sketchfab uploads.