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FBX from Blender - automatic textures assigning


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Is there a way to automatically assign textures to materials for FBX exported from Blender? I have an FBX exported from Blender 2.77. It has materials assigned to objects. I also have textures exported from Substance Painter. So for example material name in FBX would be "radiator" and texture names would be radiator_albedo.jpg, radiator_AO.jpg, radiator_metallic.jpg, etc. Yet Sketchfab doesn't connect them automatically.
Here's an example:

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You can upload directly your blend-file (with all textures) in Sketchfab.
You put inside the blend-file all images that you use for your textures via File ‣ External Data ‣ Pack into blend-file.

Here is a link explains data system in Blender

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Yes, I could also upload directly from Substance Painter which exports .dae file, which I have been doing. The problem is, we want to allow people to download our models. Blend file is not a standard exchange format and what I learned recently, .dae from Substance Painter have completely screwed up dimensions. Scale seems to be set up randomly every time you start a new project. I even tried to compensate for it by uploading rescaled fbx to SP. Keeping original dimensions is quite important for us.

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Hi @termagroup,

Actually there is no way to do this, the feature is in developpment but it will not be live this week nor the next one.
I will ping you back when the feature is available and you 'll have all the textures (correctly named) set automatically on your materials :smile:

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Ok, thank you.


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Hi @termagroup,

The feature that automatically assign textures to materials is now live, you should be able to export your FBX with textures generated in Substance Painter and get them automatically set on your models :smile:

And also, don't hesitate to report any issue you could have.

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Details here:

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It works. Thank you!