FBX - Material rendering issue


(Saucisou) #1

Good evening everyone :slight_smile:

I am currently facing a frustrating issue : for my tests in June, I had to upload the “gym animation” of my Character on Sketchfab. The issue is that the material (without textures yet) looks like this : here.

I have 2 different materials for this character : the body, and the accessories (including her skirt). As you can see, her accessories material is fine, but the body is the issue here.
I tried exporting in .obj in order to check out if the issue comes from the body mesh, but the .obj rendering was fine. It seems like it is the .fbx export the issue here. (I exported from Autodesk Maya 2017). But I don’t know why the .fbx export is only doing something wrong with the body, and not with the accessories.

So, do you know where this issue shoul come from please ? :frowning:

Thank you for taking the time to read this and helping me, have a nice day (better than mine at least xD)

EDIT : Of course, I tried with assigning a new material to the body, but the issue was still remaining :confused:

After 2 hours, I finally found the issue : I had to apply a “Delete non-deformer history” on the body mesh :smiley:


Glad you figured it out! Thanks for sharing the solution. I’ll mark this thread as Solved. :slight_smile: