Feature Request: A monetize button in info box


I would like to see a monetize option such like at soundcloud where an artist can add a button of some sort from a paypal link or otherwise.


Ok I just remembered you can use annotations, for a direct sales link and that may be a more viable option anyways.. However, Bart has informed me, that Annotations do not work in animation mode,.

(Bart) #3

You can also add a button to the model description, and use Markdown to create a nice layout:

(Bart) #5

Here's an example code for a hyperlinked image in Markdown:



Ok, Thanks BArt, I think that will work


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Ok that works, please know its not showing in playlists quite yet.

(Bart) #10

I've filed a bug report for that.


Thanks bart, I also tried it with a regular jpg not a gif. same result.


Ok this works perfect now! Awesome The gifs show up in the playlist windows