Feature Request: Ability to add and Apply LUTs in editor

(Blackhart) #1

The colour balance feature in the post-processing tab is a nice addition to allow for the creation of customised colour filtering, but as someone familiar with colour grading I find the sliders very fiddly and limited.

I would really appreciate the ability to upload and use .CUBE files for LUTs, similar to uploading and using custom HDRs for environment lighting.

I think this would be one those single additions which could make models look significantly better, for those of us who are familiar with LUT creation could suddenly apply colour grading to their scenes to make it look truly cinematic. Perhaps a few defaults could be added too, for those who are unfamiliar with LUTs and would just want a quick “instagram filter” for their models.


Thanks for the feedback. It’s not on the roadmap, but we might implement something in the future.

I’ll add your ‘+1’ to this feature request.