Feature request: Ability to set if views have access to embed </>


(Simonbrown) #1

For some models I wish to restrict who can use the Embed </> code and the sharing function.

At present, a model can be private, or not. This does not allow the creator to show their work within Sketchfab whilst choosing where the model is embedded.

As the creator, I would like to see:-
Allow embed? Yes/No.
Allow sharing? Yes/No.

With access to both to the creator regardless of the settings for other users.

Ideally this function would be part of the Pro account subscription.


Thanks for the feedback! It would indeed be a great feature, but it's not on our short-term roadmap.

I'll add your +1 to the request!

Personally, I think "domain-level privacy" could be a good option/solution. Vimeo does this so you can choose exactly which domains (or none) where the video can be embedded.