Feature Request - Add new objects to a scene


(Tauricity) #1

Hi! I hope this is the right spot for this.

I'm working on doing a few diorama-like scenes and there's a feature that would be really useful.

I model in Blender, texture objects in Substance, then return them to Blender to put all the models into one scene.

It's kind of a pain in the butt because I work in metal/roughness, I can't set up actual pbr materials in Blender then send the whole scene to Sketchfab. It just looks bad, so I add my textures in Sketchfab's wonderful materials panel. Great stuff, btw.

Here's what I'd like to be able to do:
Model in Blender > Texture in Substance > Export to a Sketchfab "scene". Then do it again with the next object, but add each new object to the same scene.

I'd also like the ability to move objects around. Please:)

Sketchfab can handle multiple objects, multiple textures, real-time lights, shadows, all that good stuff, how about the ability to add new objects to a scene and then re-arrange them?


(Madalin Berechet) #2

IMO, this feature is not really that necessary. If your file is big, you can preload it. You can show/hide objects. Re-arrange them by animation: frame 1 = position 1, frame 2 = position 2 and so. Then programmatically access the frames. You can change textures and colors, camera position. Much more you can find on forum.

(Tauricity) #3

I don't think you understand what I'm asking for. It had nothing to do with animation.

And if you did understand, here's what I hear you saying: you want me to animate all the objects in my scene to all potential locations in the scene.

That's not a reasonable substitute for a location transform widget.

(Nomadking) #4

I think the ability to upload (and manipulate) more than one model to a scene on Sketchfab would be good addition, although my reasoning is slightly different to @tauricity :wink:

My recent work with voxels has forced me to butt heads with the PLY format and it's lack of ability to add any type of material separation within it. There are ways around this using OBJ files and a far-too-long-pain-in-the-behind texture baking process to needlessly convert the vertex colours, but the workflow would be nicer if I could throw up several files for my separate materials without the extra steps in the middle. I'd still have to manually separate them in MV, but I already have to do that with OBJ conversion as well.

Most scenes already have multiple meshes in them (since that's what different materials essentially are), but allowing multiple files would even the playing field for some of the lesser file formats, and allow Sketchfab to work as a kind of scene editor at the same time :smile:

(Ironbelly) #5

I'll third this.. We build a lot of our weapons or buildings as modular parts so they can be customized later. Being able to add 5 FBX files to a scene would save us the effort of having to combine them into a single FBX just for sketchfab.. Also would allow us to put multiple animated characters in a scene instead of packing everything into a single FBX file