Feature Request - Additional Camera navigation (center/mouse focused orbit)

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I just wanted to start a camera navigation specific thread here.

The topic has already been touched upon here:

One of the biggest features I am missing is an easier way to navigated around a scene.
The current way is great if you have a simple set-up with f.ex. one character that is exported correctly in the center of the scene.
When that is not the case, the scene is bigger/more complex or you want to inspect a specific part (f.ex. an architecture model) the current navigation system falls short as it is VERY cumbersome for a user to keep navigating around the selected details. This is the case, especially for regular users who don't normally use 3D software/games.

Today you have two navigation modes, "Orbit" and "First Person".
By either adding functionality to the existing ones or adding new ones, I would urge you to add support for a center/mouse focused navigation.
This video explains this well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj7fS1JgRzE

With Sketchfab becoming a household name and the user cases becoming broader, this feature is now a necessity.

Upcoming API sneak peek

Thanks for the feedback and video - very helpful.

@cedric - check out the video if you get a chance - two nice navigation features.

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The pleasure is all mine! I just want your service to become even more awesome relaxed