Feature Request: Background Audio/Music


(Maxypants2010) #1

mp3 files playing in background of 3d viewer


Thanks for the feedback! We want to implement this in the future.

I'll add your '+1' to this feature request :smile:

(Tauricity) #3

I'd like to add a +1 to this feature. I have a slew of 3d scans of birds and animals I really, really would like to add calls to. Even 10-15 second clips would be sufficient. Or some way to embed linked soundcloud files or the like on the same page. I hate to have to link to another webpage for viewers to click through to hear the sound of the animal.

Wargo Nature Center Scans by John Fino (tauricity) on Sketchfab



Cool use case; stay tuned :slight_smile:

(Tauricity) #5


(Cderolin) #6

I'd like to add a +1 to this too! What would be useful for us is to be able to add audio files to annotations. We're going to be using models for teaching anatomy combined with VR. It's easier for a lot of learners to hear the notes about the anatomical features while viewing them than to try and read them.

(Segerbergmedia) #7

Absolutly! A voice telling The historic story of an object. Superb for digital museums!

(Playground Designer) #8

Yes! I have a musical park model with chimes, bongos, xylophone, etc., and EVERYONE that has tested it has asked if they can play it or hear what each instrument sounds like. A little play button via the annotation feature would be amazing.

(Gilles38) #9

One more +1. Would love that feature too.
This is very complementary to annotations


We just launched our Sound feature!