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Feature request: Bring forum and main site closer together

(Simon Kratz) #1

Hi there,
when using the forum and the main site I feel like those two aren't really connected with each other. I think it would work better for users if the forum and the main site were a bit more connected. I really like the forum and use it a lot so I'm just putting my 2 cents here smile
Here are some examles:
- When someone posts something interesting here and I want to check out his models I'm only directed to his forum profile but not his sketchfab account.
- In the forum profile settings you can add a profile picture, username, About me, the model count and a bunch of other things. Most of these are things you add once but the model count for example probably changes over time as well as the 'About me' information. I guess it would be easier to share these settings between Sketchfab profile and forum profile. So at the moment we (the users) have two profiles we have to keep up to date for no obvious reason, you see? smile
- To tie in with that maybe the profile here and the main Sketchfab profile could kind of be merged. At the moment Sketchfab users make an own profile here and sometimes the usernames differ which makes it even harder to find them over at the main site.

Maybe other users have some valuable input on that matter, too. Let me hear what you think smiley

(Bart) #2

Hey Simon!

Good points, this is actually on my todo list, so thanks for bumping it up smile You're right, we're going to sync the profiles automatically between the forum and the main site, and I'll definitely try to add things like model count, # of followers etcetera. I'll keep you posted on the progress!

(Simon Kratz) #3

Sounds great, thank you! smiley

(Andy lewis) #4

Great news, Bart!

In fact, right now, I'm having a bit of a challenge contacting a particular Sketchfab user without posting my email address in the comment on his Sketchfab model.

Looking forward to this feature.



(Bart) #5

As a PRO user, you also have a contact button on your profile page. Just give them that link smile

(Bart) #6

Oh, as it turns out, keeping model counts, followers etc synched may give too much load on our database. For now I'll just focus on adding a link to your Sketchfab profile (this is just a mockup, made with my nonexistent design skills wink

What do you think?

(Andy lewis) #7

Looks perfect! smile


(Andy lewis) #8

Can't see a contact button on my profile page. Hardly surprising, as I'm, well, me! smile

But I also can't see if that sends me an email, a separate PM or a message via the forum :-/

I'm sure I've used this in the past. At least, to contact other users but not sure I've actually received a message. Just call me Billy No-mates frowning



(Bart) #9

Exactly - that's because it's your own page. Emailing yourself a lot, are you? wink

Here's what I see:

It'll send you a regular email and you will be able to reply to it to reach the other side.

(Andy lewis) #10

Actually, I email myself all the time. If I didn't, I'd have nothing to read! smiley

Thanks, Bart.


Link between Sketchfab Forum and Sketchfab personal page
(Simon Kratz) #11

Awesome, and fast! Thanks @bartv! smiley

(Bart) #12

Well, that's just photoshop :slight_smile: I'm still waiting for a quote from our web developer to make it reality.

(Bart) #13

Hey all,

quick update: it turns out this is not as easy as I expected smile Our partner is still looking into this and is actually working with the Discourse community to find a solution.

I'll keep you posted!


(Simon Kratz) #14

Oh I see. Still nice to hear there is progression. Thanks for the update smile

(Bart) #15

Hey all, good news! The 'Sketchfab profile' button is now available!

Read more here: