Feature Request: Colorize textures

(Simon Kratz) #1

Hi all,
I got a (small) feature request: Currently if you add a texture to one of the material slots the color picker will be disabled (replaced by the texture of course). Now many game engines offer the option to blend a color value with a texture input, making it possible to make small adjustments to the final color output.
I'd love to see this behaviour for Sketchfab, too smiley
Technically the shaders in Unity (for example) work like this: finalColor = inputColor * inputTexture.
Default values for both input color and texture are white. So if only either of them is used the calculation kind of just does nothing and you see just the texture / color that you want to use.
Of course it only makes sense for a couple of parameters, noone wants to color correct a normal map smile I'm pretty sure though that it would add some nice flexibility to the editor.
Hope you think about it smiley

(Stephomi) #2

Hi !

I remembered thinking about it a little, but I don't know if it's worth it.
It would be only useful for Emit and Albedo/BaseColor, I guess (we try to focus mainly on PBR).

@cedric @tuan_kuranes Your views?


I've also seen a few requests to multiply vertex colors * texture color

(Cedric) #4

The problem is that color is implemented as texture so it means that we would need to change all low level system to add new color uniform we removed previously to simplify the rendering code.
I am afraid it will not happen soon

(Simon Kratz) #5

Oh I see. Sounds more complex than I thought. But I guess coding it by yourselves in javascript is indeed more complex than using a game engine tha comes with it smile
Don't worry, I understand. A feature like this would be a nice addition but the current way is totally fine. And there's so much to tweak already, I guess everyone can get his stuff look awesome even without additional color correction inside the material. Thanks for the explanation smiley

(Stephomi) #6

To be honest, javascript is never the culprit when it comes to features.
Some WebGL limits can be a bit bothersome sometimes, but it's more the mobile device limitation that are annoying ( Iphone :wink:).
But even then, we can live with it.

The main reason for why "this" or "that" 3D feature is not yet in sketchfab is simple : maintenance and legacy support (and future bug fixing, because we do mitsake sometimes :blush:) .

Many required features can be implemented in a day or two but when you put all that together, everything should fit together, and you also have to do some GUI work, documentation for users, support old models before the feature was introduced (same code is running on all our models), etc...

Actually, when it comes to a game engine such as UE4 or Unity, I'm usually more impressed by the number of features that live together, rather than by the features taken one by one.