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Feature Request: Cutting model section


(Maraluke) #1

Hi Sketchfab,

Thanks for the awesome platform, quick question: is there current or future possibility to cut a section through an uploaded model inside sketchfab and visualize that section dynamically using like a slider for example?

(Shaderbytes) #2

most 3d models are hollow anyway. cutting the model will only reveal this. For a proper cut you have to generate faces and uv's and texture/ to display any sort of cross section. this is no trivial task and also artists may not like such a generation as
it is impossible to tell how the cross section must look.. from a dynamic code driven point of view.

take a character for example, if you cut his arm off some distance along the arm you expect to see meat and bones, you know this , i know this but a computer doesnt. also the arm is hollow. how do you expect a computer to know what is inside the arm? This is only a example to draw attention to the issue, what about other objects, how should their cross sections look? like a strawberry or an egg?

cross sections have to be known for an object and also textures to put on the faces need to pre exist.

(Mrchlblng) #3

Cutting planes is indeed a feature that is not useful for all types of models however e.g. scientific/architecture models could easily benefit from it.
@stephomi did a quick hack a few years ago but the difficult thing, as often, is to have a nice UX for the feature. We'll have to think about it (cc @maurice).

(Pierre Savoie) #4

We are using CAD data files to create most of our model. That mean a lot of piece are invisible, hidden in the geometry of other object. It could be a feature useful to get a cut view of a motor for example.
I'm all up for additional functionality if it doesn't take to much effort for the dev thing to make.

(Maraluke) #5

Like it is discussed earlier, engineering, product design and architecture models can really benefit from this kind of dynamic sections because the model is usually not hollow as you have to model them like real objects, and the internal geometry is just as important as the external envelope, for example cutting through a furniture and seeing how the joints work and how members come together, or how the interior of the building looks like; and usually in this case one don't need to see texture on the sectional cut, so a in place color overlay is good enough, as long as the model is nicely closed therefore allow code to recognize what's inside and what's outside to properly generate the section cut.

(Shaderbytes) #6

Yes i agree, for some genres like architecture this is cool, for other obviously not. :wink: