Feature Request: Decal Shader

(Zenchuck) #1

It would be great to have a shader which supports overlaying normals in the deferred GBuffer. This decal technique (used in Star Citizen) would be a nice addition to the current options and would bring the key benefit of reducing texture memory.

(Euclid) #2

That also requires the use of layered shaders though

(Shaderbytes) #3

it would be cool to have a decal system for some non colored items i use other channels not meant for it to do this, like black text via the cavity channel or white text via the emission etc, normally multiple uv sets are required. anyway a dedicate channel to full colored decals would be nice :wink:


Do you guys have sample data and expected results? We can definitely add this to our feature request tracker, but I'm not sure I quite understand the technique. Is it something like channel packed textures?

(Zenchuck) #5

This is the link over on Unity Forums which has me excited. A sample project and shaders are included.


(Euclid) #6

apparently I'm "too new" to post links, but if you google polycount deferred decals the first result is a link to the full forum post on polycount

(Zenchuck) #7

What do you think of this technique and its value on a platform like Sketchfab?

(Euclid) #8

We are using it for a lot of things at work for some unannounced projects, and it would be nice to implement simply because it's a relatively new technique, and to be on the cutting edge is a great thing C:

(Euclid) #9

i don't know what version of webgl sketchfab uses, but webgl 2.0 supports deferred rendering, so it is possible


Cool, thanks for the resources!