Feature Request: Folders for liked models

(Simon Kratz) #1

Hi Sketchfab Team,

I like your idea of folders for our own models. It would be nice to have that for models of other people, too.
Pinterest for example offers the possibility to group content we like that was created by other people into folders we can define ourselves (like I would do: "Environment", "creatures", "architecture" etc.). Liking a lot of stuff on Sketchfab might result in a pretty unorganized "My likes" page so I'd love to see the already available folders concept for the models I liked as well smile

Please consider it, and thx in advance

(Bart) #2

Hi @mauricesvay, what do you think about this?

Making these folders public would be a great way to publish curated lists of cool content.


Hmm interesting. Makes me think of Tumblr users being creators vs curators of content.

(Bart) #4

@james @mauricesvay here's a great example of what this could turn in to. I'd love to see people like Zeronis maintain several public 'lists' like that wink

(Simon Kratz) #5

@bartv yeah, that looks great to me! smiley
It might also be interesting to have feature requests like this one all collected in a more central place, maybe even with an option for people to vote them up if they wish for something similar (like a poll). That way you could see if an idea is worth pursueing. I'm probably not suggesting something completely new to you guys and I'm sure you're busy bringing awesome new stuff like the recent pbr to us smile
It's just something I noticed from my own experience. We're a small game dev company of 10 people and we're putting a lot of work into building up a little community and getting feedback for what we do. Since sketchfab already has an amazing community and a constantly increased integration into social media platforms I guess it might even improve the workflow for development to have something like a poll for new features : )

(Bart) #6

Hey @essimoon,

I've used UserVoice in the past for that purpose and while it worked well, it had a downside: users started to believe that upvoting something would actually 'force' the company to implement those ideas. This led to some complicated situations..

So it's something to be considered carefully. For now, the volume is still manageable and we're keeping a close eye on the forum. We treat each suggestion as valuable input and make our own decisions on how it fits in our roadmap and priorities.