Feature Request Hidden Model on Sketchfab Export

(B Sean) #1

Hi Sketchfab! I love ya :smile: I would like to request a feature for the sketchfab exporter for Substance Painter. Please add the ablitiy to upload hidden files. I am testing the look of my model and I don't want all of my (3) followers to get emails everytime I upload a test. Thanks a lot!.


(Vlad) #2

you can upload model, but not publish it. no one will see this models

(Mrchlblng) #3

@b.sean as @ssh4 said, this is our "draft mode" feature; it allows you to upload models and customize them without anyone except you being able to see the model URL.

Sadly, all our exporters do not offer the option to publish/keep draft and this is the case for the Substance exporter.
We are working towards offering a more consistent user experience everywhere. In the meantime, if you if this is a real issue for you, you may export your substance textures manually and then pack them in an archive you upload directly on sketchfab website. The drawback of doing thisn is that you'd have to rebind some textures manually.


I believe Substance saves the package locally and even offers to open the folder when it's done. You could probably go through the publishing steps and cancel or delete the model, then manually upload the files. This should preserve the auto texture mapping and keep you in Draft Mode.