Feature Request: Individual Color Channels

(Zafio) #1

Hi! Probably asked already for this at some point but...

Nowadays it's quite common to store different maps on each channel, f.i.: Metalness,Roughness, AO... could fit in a single texture and yet we are currently (unless I've missed the feature?) forced to separate them before importing to Sketchfab.
So it would be really helpful to be able to select either RGB/A or individual color channels for each map, not only it would speed up the workflow but it could also save some bandwidth...




Yes, we do have a few requests for this. Adding your +1 :slight_smile:


(Ironbelly) #3

How is this not a thing yet? Or if it is how does one select the channels?


Sorry we still don’t support this, but we do actually automatically pack texture channels when we can in the viewer to improve performance.