Feature request: Interlaced Stereo option for 3D Monitors

(Paulodand) #1

Hi, I was wondering if a Stereo viewing option has been considered.
I own a passive 3D Monitor, and the Sketchfab seems like one of the best places where 3D stereo could be used, and it would be great to see some of the amazing work that all the artists upload daily to the site.
I looked up on the forums and I think nobody requested such a feature yet.
You already did a great job implementing Animation, which I believe is probably harder to implement than a interlaced 3D option.
So, you guys did thought about this subject, maybe is in the schedule of future additions? If not, do you think it would be possible to add such a feature?
Thank you.


Sorry for the long silence and thanks for the feedback, but this type of 3D viewing is not on our roadmap at the moment.

(Relax) #3

Then what about SBS or OU mode for 3D displays?
Please implement.