Feature request: Layers

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a model that combines various types of capturing, and I think it would be awesome to be able to turn on and of the (in this case) 3 separate models to see them on their own but also in the combined view. This feature could also be very helpful when you have detailed models where parts of the model obscure the view of other parts.


Thanks @4visualization!

Could you describe or illustrate this scenario a bit more? Would it be like switching individual layers on and off?

Yes exactly, in my case, three models in one. And you would be able to turn them on and off separately, like layers in CAD. This would also make it possible to turn of parts (walls, ceilings or roofs) of a building so that you could better view the inside…

Got it, thanks! We’re currently looking at adding some API options to the embed player, and we may be able to add this too. That way, the community can begin exploring this kind of functionality by ‘hacking’ our player. We’ll keep you posted!

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Very cool, looking forward to it!

Hi Valentin,

something similar to what you are asking will soon be possible with the Viewer API. Checkout this thread and let us know what you think Upcoming API sneak peek

Hello Everyone;

Maurice I’ve been following this topic with great interest.

In fact the requested feature is indispensable for my work (and that of other engineering students at the college where I am at and that may subscribe to the Sketchfab service).

Any news about its status?

If it is been mothballed is there somehow I can independently implement a Javascript solution without interfering with Sketchfab policies?

Thank you for your reply.

Hello Maurice

I have sent you a question.

In advance thank you for your reply.


@nsemino the configurator experiment is available here: https://labs.sketchfab.com/experiments/configurator/

The source code is available, but the license hasn’t been settled yet. If you know Javascript, you can probably come up with something similar easily with the Viewer API, documented here Viewer API - Introduction - Sketchfab

Also check this new “Inspector” experiment: https://labs.sketchfab.com/experiments/model-inspector/index.html?urlid=457b8ad17f264f7fad1ea1ee08716a55 that lets you toggle “layers” in the scene. Simply change the “urlid” part in the url to try with another model.

Dear Maurice,
This looks like the option I need. I want to use Sketchfab as a showcase for my 3D printed eyewear. It would be great if I can have the user change textures like color of lens (or coated vs non coated) and frame color ( or polyamide vs CLIP).
Would be even better if I can turn presentation of heads on and off. Woman, male, old or young.

I am not a programmer but a designer so to source on Github is quit overwhelming for me. Do you have a tutorial. That would work. Better yet, to get it to your general audience a configurator would be the a fantastic improvement.

Is it complex for you to create the feature as described below as a question to Maurice for me?


at this moment we’re not planning to add this as a feature to the website, but as indicated you’ll be able to achieve everything you need with our Viewer API. In addition, for simple changes like textures you could also use our new Showcase feature:

I’m not programmer, so +1 for request of built-in ability to have several materials of 1 model and ability to switch between them, like in your configurator experiments. That feature is only I miss of in SketchFab.

  • 1 for having in-built layer visibility toggle option (as I’m also not a programmer).

Would be helpful for switching on or off different parts of a model. For instance I work with ship timbers that have been annotated with polylines (so textured mesh + polylines). It would be awesome if the user could decide to turn on or off the polylines on the mesh as they please.

What is the best option to easily hide and display 3D data on a 3D model? (scientific visualization) Does making a keyframe animation in constant interpolation work well?
Will the layer feature be implemented in the future or is it not yet decided?
I ask because I don’t know how to access the developer API, nor do I have the skills or money to spend on it.