[Feature Request] "Models you might like"

(Dark Minaz) #1

This might be a bit of a bigger request i am well aware of that.

In short id like a extra sorting with a bit more of a random models than the other categories (most of them show most liked, most viewed and not really just models that fit the theme)

Sort of a "pinterest" view, with slots to add multiple games/tags that you are interested and it shows you models like that. Kind of the seach with multiple tags and a bit random elements to discover more models that might just not gotten the attention they deserve.

This would also only show models that are not liked by you yet! so only shows new models all the time :slight_smile:

Was just a quick idea i had figuring id mostly see new models and never really get to see older models from people unless i specific look for them.

if you like this idea give me a +1 here so it might get on the sketchfab feature list :smiley:

(N0unours) #2


It's a good idea and we're working on solution to show models based on interests.


Big improvements to the newsfeed are on our roadmap for this year. This should include better suggested content, as well as make the newsfeed actually usable...

(Dark Minaz) #4

great news, i hope that features also models from people i don't (yet) follow.
Looking forward to that :slight_smile:

(Simon Kratz) #5

Nice idea! At the moment great content seems to disappear if it gets too old.
Collections are an improvement already and this suggestion might push it even further :slight_smile:

(4535993) #6

+1 for this feature.