Feature Request: More Organisation Features on Profiles


(Lordtrilobite) #1

Hey! First I'd like to say that this site is great.

But one particular thing that keeps bugging me, is that I don't have many options to sort and organise my models.
Right now, on the models page of a profile there are sorting options on the right for Most Liked, Most Viewed and Most Recent. But what I'd like to see added to this is an alphabetised sorting option. It would also be really cool if one could set a preferred/default sorting option. So for example, if I would set the default sorting option to Most Viewed. Other people visiting my profile would have that sorting option selected by default. And if they want they could choose a different sorting option of course. But this would allow the creator to select a preferred method viewing for their work.

One related thing that irks me, is that these sorting options aren't available in the folders tab. I can put models in all sort of folders all I want. but I am unable to order the folders or the content that is contained within. Mainly for this I would love an alphabetised option.



Thanks for the detailed feedback. We are discussing and planning many improvements to model sorting and searching, as well as folder sort behavior. Stay tuned!


(Lordtrilobite) #3

That's good to hear.

Another suggestion btw...
An option to make a custom order by dragging the different thumbnails into place might also be cool.

(Dark Minaz) #4

especially the "move them the way you'd like" would be great.
So you can choose what to show people on the first page.