Feature Request: Moveable lighting


(Tom Goskar) #1

A nice feature that I would love to see is the ability to independently move the direction of the lighting. This is a really useful feature of software such as Meshlab and CloudCompare for cultural heritage applications.

For example, with a 3D scan of a gravestone it can be easier to read the inscription if the lighting is moved to a low angle. Currently on Sketchfab (unless there's something I've missed) the only way to do this is to rotate the model. This makes reading writing or seeing decorative detail difficult.

On the Meshlab iOS app, there's a button to tap which enables a lighting mode where swiping across the model changes the lighting direction rather than manipulating the geometry. Could a similar feature be enabled on Sketchfab?



(Stephomi) #2

Hi tom,

Are you asking about a light editing feature in the editor or in the viewer?
We already have it in the editor : https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/203557159-Lighting

(Tom Goskar) #3

Hi @stephomi,

I probably didn't explain well enough - what I mean is the ability for the end user to manipulate the lighting direction. The user can choose whether to manipulate the model or the lighting, in the same way they can choose to change the rendering options and viewer mode (maybe an extra option in viewer mode - "lighting mode"?).

How does that sound?

(Stephomi) #4

Ok then you are talking about the "viewer"!
(for us uploader -> editor, end user -> viewer)

Indeed it makes sense but honestly I don't think it's in our roadmap yet.
I think there's also the fact that some artist don't really want the viewer to fiddle with their lightings. So maybe it should be something that the uploader chooses to enabled or not (and the same with the rendering options and wirefarme).

Since we want to keep the viewer as easy/simple as possible it's not easy to decide what the viewer can/should allow.

Currently we move the camera in the viewer.
The autospin moves the model (but the environment and lights stand still).
@mauricesvay any thoughts?

(Mauricesvay) #5

I haven't heard about similar requests in the past but it is interesting. We are still trying to figure out how to provide more tools (inspection tools and measurement tools) while keeping the viewer simple. We might add something for that in the future, but I can't promise it will happen soon.

(Victor Estivador) #6

the lights moving around make easy to show of the normal maps/specular maps in the model. maybe an option to the Viewer keep lights positions and rotate only the mesh, or give to the uploader some simple animation loops to turn on/off like a ping-pong or rotating around in a circle trajectory will help to give more 'light' over the normal maps =p

(Atomfreak) #7

I like this feature. But we need the option to put it ON or OFF before we ship. I will not add this interaction by default.


You can rotate lights and/or the environment if they are not attached to camera:

(Tom Goskar) #9

This is really useful. Thanks for the update!