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Feature request: Optional high res upload

(Zafio) #1


People often thinks a model might be good for 3D printing because the normal maps give the illusion of detail (maybe there are already 3d printers that support normal mapping?) but the reality is, in many cases, that the uploaded models are not detailed or optimized for 3d printing, so they would lack of detail and/or waste a lot of printing material.

Current options would be to upload a new high res version, or including a external link with the high res model, but I think it would be good to have a specific option/section where we can upload a proper high resolution mesh for 3d printing, which could be activated when we check the "allow download" (or allow 3d printing if we are able) option.


(Adeboye Grillo) #2

That is a good idea but don't you think turbosmoothing the models would make them more detailed and fill the low poly gaps. Some details may still be required however since normal maps carry extra details.

(Zafio) #3

Yes, it would be better than nothing, but even if the extra detail helps, there is the problem of the material waste. It isn't a problem for tiny scales, but the bigger the object, the worse it would be.

The idea is to help people avoid wasting time on editing the object. It's not really a problem for me, but for some people it might be a pain in the ass.


It's a cool idea, we'll probably look into it in the future.

For now, you could include a Printable version with your upload: