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Feature request - orbit around active annotation marker, or user can create orbit point with double click


(Briligg) #1

My models aren't detailed, but they are big - landscapes with buildings on them. It is frustrating to move around in them right now. First person walking with keyboard arrows is clumsy and time consuming. The orbit version would be great - if i could move the spot being orbited around. I think it would work well if the active annotation was the point being orbited, or if the user could themselves establish an orbit point with a double click.


Hi, this is already how it works. Double-click on the model to set the orbit point, or double-click the background to recenter the model/orbit to the bounding box.

Annotations can also be saved with any orbit point you want:

(Briligg) #3

Huh, i thought i'd tried that...
Thanks for the info.