Feature request: Presets

Hi All,

I do a lot of 3D scanning and use sketchfab to show work to clients. Often I have to upload a whole batch of models in a similar range. Unless I missed something I need to apply all the settings and effects for each object. Saving a preset would be immensely helpful.

so…pretty please?


Actually this feature almost already exists… if there was an option to make a copy of an previously uploaded model/scene in the ‘my model’ section I could click ‘re-upload’ and have the new model appear in the same scene with same setting. Right? or does reupload reset the whole scene?

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

At the moment, re-upload will also reset the whole scene. Sorry about that. Presets or some kind of settings preservation could be implemented in the future.

I also posted asking for the exact same thing :wink:

What I have found is that currently (well before the new PBR updates ) “re upload” would not reset the scene like backgrounds, environments , camera effects etc… but it will reset all the materials on the models. Again I cant say if its still like this post the new PBR changes.

This feature would be like number 1 on my list of priorities … because I have had to updates some models several times before and it was a HUGE pain having to manually capture all the settings for each material in notepad, and have to adjust them all again after every update. This ranks as a serious usability flaw in my opinion. As a programmer I cant understand why materials need to be re initialized when re uploading a model?

The materials should be created in a loosly coupled manner on first import then on re imports , check for existence , then validate possible overriding properties, apply changes if needed - easy peasy hehe

Hi guys,

which settings would like to be able to copy from a model to another? Post-processing filter? Materials? Lights? Annotations?
From what I understand, you would use this when uploading a bunch of similar models or when re-uploading the same model. Am I right?

Hey Maurice , as @bethe and I touched upon similar feature requests but not the same. He is concerned about having a means to create presets from existing materials which he can then use to assign to different models afterwards.

I was more concerned about when “re uploading” a new version of a model into the same project… it should work like this :

On first import (a new project) a materials list is created via the objects been created, but they should be created in a decoupled manner so any subsequent “re uploads” to the same project would first check the current materials library and only add new materials. no over writing and losing setting for existing materials.


I don’t know for sure, but I would guess preserving Scene / Lighting settings is easier than preserving Materials / Annotations because of the way a model is processed from scratch on [re]upload.

I think an easier way out is to

allow us to export some settings such as material parameters, lighting, post process etc to our local disks.

allow upload of such settings for future use in other projects.

this would make it easier on both ends to capture our favorite settings and reuse them…

This way we can even have a sketchfab material library preset for easy application.


@grillswills - It’s an interesting idea. Maybe some kind of metadata file (JSON?) to include with upload.

It would take some work and thinking about how to implement. For example, how to handle outdated metadata when we change the material editor or add new features (You run into this problem when trying to programmatically edit old models)

I know you guys can do it. I’m always patiently waiting to use those new features.



I think it would be easier (from the user perspective) to implement a models tab, in a similar way to the materials one. If we make a mistake with a texture, we can upload a new one, so I think it makes sense to be able to do the same with models.

So a tab where we can manage all the meshes in the scene, reupload an individual mesh, add new ones, assign materials to each one, etc., would be ideal, imho.
Also, if that was implemented, then we should also be able to create new materials.

It would be also helpful to be able to duplicate an upload, this way we could have kind of a template to start with or to make variations of similar products.

I know, too much stuff, it’s easier to ask than implement, but that was my two cents.


For us at least metadata (as you say JSON would be perform) as some kind of sidecar file we can download from an existing project once setup and then upload to new projects would be perfect. If it were done by naming then we could just use naming conventions to ensure materials are replaced.

While versioning could be a drama you could just set only those parameters that are found or ignore files from older versions (since we could always save again to get an updated one). Even if the format changes, if this was more of an ‘advanced’ feature then we can likely do some text manipulation to get any old files we have running on the new version.

For us we wouldn’t use the sidecar files for long term storage, just a means of re-setting up materials by name. We’d be find it it would only save and load the version that is running now.

I am certain, material library would be most needed feature. I have to upload over 100 models, everyone the same material…

Hi there, apologies if this is covered elsewhere - I have looked but could not find anything.

Is there any way to copy the 3D settings from one of my own models, so I can quickly apply it to another? I want a consistent look across all of them. Or perhaps even create a default 3D settings / template?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there Ruslan from Scanlab here,

Just wondering if I could request an additional feature.

I’d like to be able to re-use scene settings that I have previously set up for one of my other models.
Is this at all possible or are there any work-arounds?

Thanks so much! I’m loving what you’re creating with this platform!

Ruslan Vasylev
Scanlab Photogrammetry

Hi Ruslan,

Thanks for reaching out! This is a pretty common request, and definitely something we’re thinking about. See a previous discussion here:

We’ve also got an experimental Chrome plugin for using Post-Processing Presets:


@maksw I moved your request into this thread. It’s something we’re thinking about for the future.

For my use case, I think exporting the settings would actually add a layer of difficulty (as well as theoretically being harder to implement). What I would love from a UX perspective would be to go into the 3D settings of my new model and just choose from a dropdown in the overview panel one of my other models. You could then be more specific, such as only copy lighting or postprocessing. Knowing myself, I’m likely going to be messing around with the new model’s settings anyway, so just having a quick copy right there would be great.

As a side note, I’d like to mention that my most desired features to be able to compile into a preset would be the overview, postprocessing, and lighting elements. While my materials change over time as I iterate with new models and I don’t add annotations to the end, I’ll likely find my favorite lighting and scene setup early in my process and just want to copy those parts to my final model. Thanks!

Hi There,

It seems that the link “http://puu.sh/h44UM/29789c79de.crx” is not working anymore?
Any solution to copy settings from one model to another?

Thanks in advance.

@pippo2002 that link is still working for me. But I would recommend using the userscript instead.

The latest version, near the bottom of the thread, can also do materials.