Feature request: Presets

(Thinkcraft) #21

Seems like sketchfab is always making progress and adding features to their product. It's puzzling to find that this feature is still missing. I can understand the complexity that comes with custom textures but general setup of lighting, background, etc... this shouldn't be a huge undertaking.

Most of the models I upload are for jewellery pieces. I'd love presets for gold, silver, & copper finishes. Having to re-create this with every upload is a pain.


@thinkcraft - Thanks for the feedback. It's definitely something we want to implement, but I don't have an ETA right now.

(Will Chen) #23

Has there been any update on the status of this? With all the super convenient exporter plugins you guys have published, assigning materials is by far the most time consuming aspect of of my uploads. I design models for 3D printing, and it would really help to have a set of presets to approximate different materials.

Apologies if this violates some sort of necro-posting rule. I thought it seemed appropriate to check for an update, since there's some concrete talk of implementing this (despite no solid ETA).



No update yet, but I'm passing along your feedback.


(Fomenko) #25

Copying the scenes would be great. Any progress for this? Thanks!


Nothing yet, but we have a prototype user script to do it:


(Mohsenblur) #27

Hi guys,

I’m sure I’m not the only one who after uploading a model (using the plugin), quickly goes to the 3D settings to change the material and background / lighting to make it presentable.

I love all the options I have in customizing the look of the render, but, what I really miss is a button like “set as default” so that my uploads will automatically use these settings when I upload my next models to sketchfab.

What would be even better is a custom preset feature that allows me to save all rendering settings under a custom named preset. On top of that, it’d be great if for example, in Modo (or whatever software) I would have the option to select one of my presets (for the lighting and background) before uploading the model.

This would add so much value to Sketchfab, especially for people who are planning on using sketchfab as their primary tool for showcasing their models.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

(Tools4 D) #28

SF definitely needs presets. I need to be able to save settings as presets, so that I can quickly get my look back, for the next model. At the moment, I have write down the settings, which is as primitive, as it gets.

(Hansolocambo) #29

Totally agree on that. Sketchfab became my viewer Nb1. I get better results with your amazing website than with Marmoset or 3DCoat. But having to redefine the presets we’ve used to for the lights, background, post-processes, etc is a bit annoying. A cookie or smthg with all those informations saved as a default personal preference or saved from the last session would be really great.

(Bart) #30

Hey guys,

yes, we're aware that this would greatly improve the workflow for many artists and have started discussing it. I can't make any promises about when this will become available, but rest assured it's coming!

(Cheshire Creative) #31

That sounds like a life saver. Don't suppose you've worked out the solution have you?

Would make the software far more useable.

(Bart) #32

We're working on it, but I can't give you a release date yet, sorry :slight_smile:

(Cheshire Creative) #33

ok thanks.
would really make sketchfab more useful...

(Rbgorham) #34

Hello, has there been any update on this feature? We have hundreds of models to upload, and the default settings for many of them are completely unusable.

Ideally, being able to set Renderer->Classic, Shading->Shadeless, Environment->Off, would be a HUGE improvement, and should represent a true "default" anyway.

Any information would be helpful, thanks!

(Skillip Evolver) #35

@SketchFab staff:

Does anyone from the development side of SketchFab have anything to say about presets and preset saving?

At this point, it looks like the original OP was over a year and a half ago.

-is this anywhere in your roadmap at all?

I hope I’m not over-simplifying thnings when I say, compared to implementing an entire PBR system? This is surely a fairly easy task!

(Skillip Evolver) #36

Hey, bump.

(Mauricesvay) #38

@SkillipEvolver having presets is on our roadmap.
It’s actually more complicated than it looks. We’ve been adding a lot of features to our rendering engine, and we have more to come. This makes our internal data structure change constantly, and makes it harder to have presets.
However, we know that presets would be great for productivity, that’s why we’ve started some groundwork to make that happen.
Thank you for your patience. Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see on Sketchfab.

(Skillip Evolver) #39

Ok fair points. I’m not gonna be a grump and say it’s not good enough. As you’ve given a technical reason why it’s difficult. All I can do is take your word on that obviously.

New rendering features, understandably a goal for Sketchfab, but isn’t it possible to just limit the data stored/saved to a smaller set of features? 18 month is a looooong time.

(Drakelinglabs) #40

Hi, I might be crazy but… is there an option to save 3D settings as a template? It’s kindof a pain to manually copy all the lighting/material/etc settings for each upload we do. We have a kindof style/setup for our 3D settings that we like, and it would be cool if we could save those settings and automatically apply them to new uploads… instead of having to manually redo them.

Is this a feature? If not, could I officially make this a feature request?

(Bitgem) #41

Hey guys!

I would love to be able to set up a render scene environment with lights, background, camera limits, things like that to clone/duplicate. It would save me some time when uploading new models. I could then clone the render setup and upload my new model there.