Feature request: Presets

(Klaasnienhuis) #42

This is a great idea. When building configurators I usually have to upload the same scene over and over again until it’s right. I’ve built a tool to patch the scene and shader settings each time I upload. It works, but it’s not officially supported and breaks now and again due to changes in the API.
I’d love to build a tool where you can apply certain presets to new scenes. This will save a tremendous amount of time, especially if you’re setting up a store with many models. But as long as the V2 patch API is not completely ported to the V3 API I’m hesitant to do so.
@james any thoughts?


A “Presets” tools is one of our most requested features. @mauricesvay built a prototype, but we’re still thinking about how best to implement it as a native feature. It’s also not yet clear if it would only be a UI in the editor, or if you would have access to presets via the API.

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(Klaasnienhuis) #44

Well, from my point of view doing it in the API makes most sense. That way you can build it right into the exporters for instance. My use case is applying presets to scenes I have to upload repeatedly, or scenes I develop on my own account and then have to transfer to the client account. A copy/paste preset would be very convenient. I also think about shop owners who probably want to do as little as possible in the sketchfab editor when uploading many objects.

(Ibizanhound) #45

Hello there!
I would like to say I fully support the implementation of cloning complete scenes and not just presets of scenes.

Let me share with you what happened to me today.

I have been working on a project for 3,5 months now.
During the 1st month, I privately published it, so that I could give the link to a friend of mine to check out my progress up to that point.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that, that gave a “time stamp of publication” to my project, 28 of December to be precise. So today that I changed the project’s status from private to public,
I was surprised to see that there was 0 reaction to my model.

No likes, no views, nothing!

I then visited the creatures & character category where my model was placed by me
and filtered it to see the “most recent” work first
and to my horror, my work was nowhere to be seen because as far as the sorting algorithm is concerned, my project is 3,5 months old!!

My only option to this, was to re-publish my project!
I had to re-export the textures from Substance Painter,
then re-upload, mesh and textures to Sketchfab,
then plug every texture to its appropriate slot and play around with the sliders (mind you, in this specific project I had a char that repeats 3 times, so that meant doing the texture plugin 3 times in a row)
and finally setup the lights all over again!!

The values for all of these things, can be precisely copied if you note them down,
but the rotation of the direction lights can only be done by eyeballing it!

So yeah…not fun.

I think we need both a complete scene clone ability AND a preset export feature.

And while we re at it.
Can something be done about the REAL date of publication please??
I suggest, that the 1st time the user switches from private to public he gets a warning message notifying that if you switch to public, the current date will be set as date of publication.

Thank you for taking the time to read! :slight_smile:

(Tribble42) #46

Hi @ibizanhound !

To answer your publish date issue:

From our point of view, your model was already properly published and the real date of publication was 3,5months ago. A private model is published, it just does not appear in the browse.

What you want to achieve, is to keep your model as a draft and publish it when you feel it is ready. As a pro user, you can share your draft to show your progress using the share draft feature

Hope that helps,


(Ibizanhound) #47

Oh I see… Ok Fred good to know! Will do from now on,
Thank you for the info!

Any info if there is a possibility of having a scene cloning feature in the near future?
Thanks again!


There is still no ETA on a scene cloning feature, but we are thinking about it!

(Bitgem) #49

Hey guys!

I would love to be able to set up a render scene environment with lights, background, camera limits, things like that to clone/duplicate. It would save me some time when uploading new models. I could then clone the render setup and upload my new model there.



(Stickypig) #50

How do you export settings from one model to the next? This is really frustrating. When you have a game using 2D sprites and you need multiple assets to match a single environment, it is SO annoying to have to reset up the lighting, camera, and post effects for hundreds of different models. I also have multiple versions of the same model to be used in a sprite package and i have to have the same camera angle, lighting, and color to match perfectly for there to be a seamless swop.

Is there a way to ‘duplicate’ settings from one project to the next?


This is something we want to implement in the future. I'll add your '+1'.

For now, we have a very experimental browser plugin / user script:

(Cresshead) #52

would be cool to have a favorite system or presets i can save/load.

We’re creating lot’s of product based sketchfab uploads over the next few weeks so things like hdr used, background pic/color, bloom, vignette, tags etc would be nice if i could just click load preset/fav and all that comes in rather than having to manually match up settings to get a consistent look to the products.



Yes, we're working on it! I'll add your '+1' to this feature request.



I’ve combined several duplicate requests into this thread.