Feature Request: Shader Editing

(Simon Kratz) #1

Hey there,
this idea has been in my mind for a while so I’ll just gonna post it here and see what comes out :smile:
The pbr in Sketchfab is great, the best browser-based solution I’ve seen so far. There are still some limitations though if a user wants to do some more exotic or stylized materials. Another thing currently impossible is doing animated textures (due to the inability of file formats to save animated UVs).
Some options for tweaking an object’s vertex and fragment shaders would probably kill two (or several more?) birds with one stone.
There are a couple of WebGL based solutions online, some node editor based like this one.
And others which work purely with code like the popular Shadertoy or Shaderfrog.
I know this is not a simple request and maybe it’s not on your roadmap at all. Just thought I’m gonna bring the idea up and see if there’s some discussion :smile:

Thanks in advance,
and hope you all have a nice weekend!

(Stephomi) #2

It's not the first time that this features has been requested :smile:.

Currently it's not really on our roadmap, but we still think about it.
Many questions arise :
- node based vs direct code
- what if the user creates a very complex material, should we limit the customization for performance reasons?
- the shader should run everywhere, including mobile, so we should have a way to guarantee something like that

As for animated UVs, if I'm not mistaken I think FBX supports it. (but we are not for the moment)

(Simon Kratz) #3

Thanks for the in-depth answer @stephomi!
You're listing the same arguments I had in mind when I wrote the question :smile: I see how much of a challenge it is but it's great of you answering on this.
Sadly fbx really doesn't save animated uvs. Afaik none of the popular exchange formats can handle these types of animation.
At least in a game engine we always do this using a sctipt or shader to do the offset.
It seems so basic but sadly there's no proper pipeline for it, yet xD

(Egni) #4

I would go nuts with a shader editor!

Even a simple barebones node based editor would go a long way and open up so many possibilities.

It could be an advanced feature, and users should be responsible for the performance issues.
Shaders could even be “community curated” with a voting system or something alike.

I have so many things done for Unity that I have to adapt to Sketchfab or cant even upload, and I would love to be able to share them the way I intended them to be.

Please consider adding a shader editor, PLEASE!!