Feature Request: Simple Animation timeline


(Timeless3d) #1

First I would like to say that this website is brilliant, it already has more features that I could have hoped for.

I believe many of these features could be utilized exponentially by a simple frame by frame timeline. A user could set the first frame, rotate the object and move a light, then set the second frame and so on. I don't think it needs crazy curves, or a individual timeline for each property, but even just a simple timeline would be awesome.

(Bart) #2

Hi @timeless3d,

thanks for the input! We believe you'd be better off doing this in your own 3D application and exporting the animation - we want to make Sketchfab the best 3D viewer on the web, but our plans are not to build an on-line 3D editor smile

Support for animation is actually already in beta, you can check out a gallery full of awesome animations here:

To read more about it and to sign up to participate in the public beta, visit our Animation information page.

What do you think? smile


See this article for details on uploading manual frame-by-frame animations: