Feature Request : We can do Feature requests!? this is awesom! I got a few =D


(Nikolay Tsys) #1

Hello dear support team of sketchfab=)

I just found this stream of FR topics and I wont to add my 5 cents=)

Moust of them will be super optimistic and somewhat fantastic)

Current state of sketchfab is super impresive, but i remember to fill out some email form with feature reques couple of ears age and I wrote down "Animation" not expecting much) and here it is - my favorit feature is runing by defoult!

So now I have faith that everything is posible on Sketchfab so here is my list:

1) Hierarchy suport for in scene sketchfab assets like light and camera or VR dummy.
For exemple: if I wanted I could place a bone in 3d packege to my scene and after uploading be able to connetc my point light or camera to it, and make animated=) or get some objects move with a camera as some kind of 3d interface..

2) (This one is massive=D) Physics
Just a simple bone physics for tails cloth or character armor in case, somthing like in HOTS or Dota2 prewiever just to add some user input to viewing procces, I think guys from steam workshop will love this and me ofcource=D

3) Intro animation or some kinda animation meneger with a little bit more functionality
For exemple it would be awesom if my character played spawn animation befor starting idle cycle

As you might noticed i am realy exited to get my sketchfab portfolio look as ingame character or asset previewer=) I know its maby not a main directuon for owerall project but I just want to know your apinion on this matter. And I want to notice again that curent state of sketchfab is an online miracle and I feel kinda shamed asking for more.

Thanks for your time and have a nice day!=D

(Nikolay Tsys) #2

One more little thing=)

I make a little research on ingame Heroes of the storm render
and i noticed how much depth and oferall smothnes is presented by soft shadowing and some kind of SSAO

Here is Lit shaded model without lightning and shadows

Here is how it looks with Normal map and harsh shadows kinda what we curently got in a skecthfab render exept better lighnig in this scene i gues only one light source sketchfab is curently got 3 which is awesom=D

And here is soft shadowing with additional "SSAO"

and here is enother example

No shadows and NM

Hursh ones with NM

Soft with Ao and aditional lights

Here is an animated version

Just wondering what do you think about it? can we сount on some soft shadows or maby SSAo in a future?=D



Thanks a lot for the feedback and feature requests. We're listening!

We would of course love to have Physics, SSAO, soft shadows, and more robust editor features, but they are not on the short-term roadmap yet. These are some pretty complex features to do correctly, but hopefully in the future we can do it! :slight_smile:

I'm adding your "+1"s to these ideas in our tracker.

(Nikolay Tsys) #4

I tottaly understend that it a hard feature to pulloff=D I just wanted to know your thoght on this matter=D
And now I am fully satesfied with your ansver!=))
"+1" - thats more than I needed=))

Thank you!=D