Feature Request


(Tim Vizesi) #1

What if we could get Arrows on the sides of our models, so we can easily scroll through to our next model.
(See attached image)
Just thinking it would be handy for the times when I am using Sketchfab as an online interactive portfolio.

(Tim Vizesi) #2

I know it already exists in the Portfolio section of my account - so it should be achievable?


We do have the Playlist feature, which can be viewed as a stand-alone page, or embedded.

However, Playlists aren't working right now because of a bug :confused:

(Bart) #4

I like the idea @timvizesi! It might let people browse more people much faster.

Copying in our designer @mauricesvay. He's on vacation this week, but I'm sure he'll find this message :smile:


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Hey guys. Sorry for the delay, playlists have been fixed.


Thanks James, Super appreciated.