Feedback on the 20% discount for 1st purchase

Hi everyone,
I don’t know if it has been discussed but, as sellers, what’s your feedback on the 20% discount ? Pesonnaly, i believe 90% on my sales are done with this discount. Which leads me to two conclusions
1-This has given me a new market for new costumers to expand my sales
2-Customers can easily create a new email adress is they want to buy from me with this price lowered.

So, to other sellers, what’s your rate of “1st purchase sale”?

Please, Sketchfab people, do understand that you’re doing a terrific job with the site. I as just a bit puzzled with this “1st purchase rule” so I wish I could have feedback from other buyers, so i can get convinced I’m thinking wrong.

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As a fellow seller I agree. This should not be a thing. Thanks for raising the issue!
I will pass that onto Sketchfab team and masters to discuss!