Feedback on Usability on Mobile Devices


Hello All,

I'm using Sketchfab to show off my custom hockey uniform designs. All my uniforms are custom made to order, so it's important to be able to show the final product before it even exists.

I am worried that the vertical scroll on my website is inhibited on mobile devices by the 3D model that I have embedded on my homepage. Can you guys all swing by my website and tell me what you think of the usability of my model integration on mobile devices?

Any thoughts, feedback would be appreciated.





There is the ?scrollwheel=0 parameter, but that only affects desktop scrolling.

To prevent it on mobile, you could overlay an invisible <div> to catch touch events, but that would stop your users from being able to interact with the model.

Maybe you could change the aspect ratio of the embed so there is always some space above/below it on mobile to allow easier scrolling? I have a Gist here for responsive iframes with a constant aspect ratio:


Hi James, thanks for the ideas. I'm actually already resizing the model to a % size of the vertical height of the window on all browsers. On PC I have the scroll wheel setting in place that you mention.

I like your div idea... I'll think about it. I still want people to interact with the model, but perhaps I could have a div covering the right side edge where most people scroll with their finger.