Fel Lord attack WIP

(Gary Phelps) #1

I'm working on a scene where a couple Legion Fel Lords will be fighting against mages and demon hunter, perhaps some other WoW class types if time permits. First up is building the Fel Guard, which I started yesterday. The body is just a rough idea, with most of my work thus far being in the face. Armor, better body due soon.

Here is the reference image I based my face off of.

(Gary Phelps) #2

(Gary Phelps) #3

Fel Lord, day 3. The helmet is just a rough idea/placeholder for now.

(Gary Phelps) #4

(Bart) #5

Welcome on board Gary! Keep in mind there's only one week left, so you'd better hurry :slight_smile:

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Have fun!


He looks ferocious! Looking forward to this coming together!

(Gary Phelps) #7

Tower to be used as the setting, a Fel Lord attack on Sentinel Hill.

(Gary Phelps) #8

I started on my Gnome Mage tonight. I plan to add in some Demon Hunters and would like to add in a Horde too if time permits.

(Michael Calvert) #9

This is coming along great!

(Gary Phelps) #10

My mage is coming along well. I won't have this done in time for the deadline, but I'll keep working on it. GL to all the entrants. I can't wait to see who wins!

(Gary Phelps) #11

Grass test. If anyone knows a good way to make cool grass in Maya, let me know. I'm using Maya's Xgen for this grass.