Fel Queen's Chambers

(Yunela) #1

"There are an infinite number of timelines and fixing any of them can be a tricky proposition. But this one where Chromie is Queen of the Fel Drakes?, Yeah, that seems worth looking into."

Hello, everyone. I recently heard about this contest, and as a fan of Blizzard games, I thought I could challenge myself.

Actually, I am fairly new to Blender(and such complex 3d modelling, with UVs and everything) and I've just started to learn .So, I need practice. What is a better practice than a challange like this? Eventhough I'm pretty late to start I will do my best to have a finished product at deadline.

I guess I'm mixing some Heroes of the Storm in it too, but I like the idea of corrupted Chromie. In my fanfiction, the timeline she became the Queen of Fel Drakes when Legion arrives Azeroth and she is in charge of making a huge fel drake army at Legions command. This is her throne room.

Excuse my writings in the sketch, as I don't have much time I didn't clean it much. Hopefully you will see my vision more clear in 3D process.


Love the sketch! I am really excited about the 3D models :slight_smile:

(Yunela) #3

Me, too :smiley: but first some more concept sketches...

Trying to pick a suitable throne :

(Yunela) #4

Some column sketches :

(Dark Minaz) #5

the 2nd reminded me on malef izient?.. (the evil disney witch)
but i quite like the new column sketches, especially the 2nd from the right.

but a evil chromie would be awesome :smiley: #team evil gnomes
I wonder how you create the sand stuff to look good

(Bart) #6

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.