Fellow Blender users: what is your workflow for avoiding weight-painting issues when uploading to Sketchfab?

I get issues almost every time I upload. I was uploading as .fbx to avoid this, but that isn’t enough in every situation, as you can see here:

The crotch has significant vertex abnormalities.

How are you all getting along going from Blender->Sketchfab? I typically use automatic weights first, and then modify from there. Is there a way to use Blender that is friendly to Sketchfab? I can obviously go in and meticulously modify and reupload over and over until it’s good, but that is far from ideal and a major time sink; not to mention it probably hurts Sketchfab’s servers :slight_smile:

I’m aware of this thread: Weight painting translation from Blender 2.8

But, like I said, I tried .fbx and it doesn’t always work. There aren’t any other replies in there either.


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Have you tried uploading via the Sketchfab plugin? https://github.com/sketchfab/blender-plugin/releases/tag/1.4.2
And how about packing everything in a .blend file and uploading that?

This is just a workaround though

Here is what i tried to do:

  1. I downloaded your model and searched for any weird topology or weightpaint, but couldn’t find as much. I thought that the rootbone was the cause, so I removed the weight from it, which somewhat improved it, but still jaggy.

  2. Adjusted weight areas around the hip, removed bones outside the mesh, but still. I was thinking about adding edgeloops around the legs, but…

  3. In the end I decided it was easier to apply the armature modifier and then doing additional tweaks using shapekeys. I removed the outline object for simplicity, then after tweaking the shapes I used the solidify modifier to create the outline again. Also Subsurf for smoothness.

Don’t worry I have deleted upload already :slight_smile:

Yeah, sketchfab isn’t perfect. You could try and reach out to stuffmembers and do reprocessing though alternatively

cute model by the way :wink:

Yes I will usually upload as .blend first and then try .fbx if I don’t like the vertex weighting on Sketchfab. I’ll try the plugin next time and see if that makes things easier at least.

Interesting insights. I’m glad I’m not alone in having issues with it, haha. Your end-result definitely looks better so maybe I’ll just manually tweak it like you did. Thank you for the thorough reply! I still do wish I understood how to just get a 1:1 result going from Blender->Sketchfab as far as weight-painting is concerned. Seems I can’t quite find much online about this, so I’m kinda confused how everyone else seems to be getting along so well. Or, they aren’t? And they usually do have issues with weight-paints not looking right on here? I’m very curious.

No problem!! :sunglasses: :beers: :beers:

Thats just how sketchfab operates, maybe to ensure realtime on most, if not all devices, and there is not a lot we can do about it. One of my animated models suffers the same issue haha.
Idk about others and their secrets, one can only guess… hmmm

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