Female Handpainted Character

(Han) #1

A char that I made for a client several years ago
decided to upload it to sketchfab :smile:
the new lighting system and customisation options in sketchfab make it a lot more interesting and easy to tweak

Woman Pose by Hannes Delbeke on Sketchfab

(Elbriga) #2

really nice painting! I love the "leg lights" :smile:

(Nomadking) #3

It's a cute model, great job on the texturing.

My only criticism would be the bridge of the nose is a little too light. But that's just me being picky! :wink:

(Han) #4

i see what you mean with the nose :smile:
looking back on it quite a bit things can be improved but back then I didn't knew as much about colours than now
also the client had a very small budget so had to try to keep to a tight schedule