Files from Alias Auto Studio


(Maurisamp) #1

Does anyone here use Alias Autostudio and have already been successful in exporting objects from it with material, texture and lighting? Thank you. Big Hugs to everyone from Brazil.


Sorry for the long silence.

I'm not familiar with Alias, but it looks like it can export several of our supported file formats, like OBJ.

(Maurisamp) #3

I made some evolutions. I got the Substance Painter but my computer does not have the hardware to run it so my only option is to do it through Sketchfab's own interface. Thanks for the initiative, but I do not consider it intuitive, the texture mapping has only 3 ready options that did not do what I intended - an image without repetition, mirroring or distortion. KeyShot has the bad defect of not exporting materials and textures but inside it the label function is very intuitive with controls with written options but also directly with the mouse on the object. I do not know if I understood myself, I am willing to explain my doubts better. Thank you very much